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Spintool/ Nut runner

All Fastorq hydraulic torque and ratcheting wrenches are mechanically and function tested and calibrated for accuracy before leaving our factory. Hydraulic torque and ratcheting wrenches come with a variety of options.

The hydraulic torque wrench will generate torque using only hydraulic means while being self-ratcheting. It must include an accurate method of determining the amount of torque applied.


  • 36 times faster than ratcheting wrenches.
  • Fully reversible, full power in both directions.
  • Operates in tight spaces.
  • Manual or robotic control.
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Torque Range 200 – 7,000 ft-lbs.
  • Five motor sizes, ten wrench sizes

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Torq/lite Europe AS is a complete supplier of mechanical, hydraulic Torque and Tensioner torque tools from Torqlite and Fastorq, and airpumps electrical, air and hand pums from Balckiron.