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U-XL Series Hydraulic Inline Unibody Ratcheting Torque Wrench

Torq/Lite’s IU-XL Series Inline wrench is perfect for applications with minimum clearance, while still applying torque on the same plane as the nut.

Torq/Lite RT Series Riser Tools

Our RT Series is designed for making up and breaking out riser bolts on any kind of riser. The RT Series riser tools have three different reaction arm options.

Torq/Lite Robo-Spider™

The world’s first fully-automated torquing system specifically designed for running and pulling deepwater riser.

Torq/Lite SU-XL Series Hydraulic Square Drive Unibody Torque Wrench

Torq/Lite’s SU-XL square drive series is durable and dependable.

Torq/Lite JN Series Jam Nut Hydraulic Torque Wrench

The JN Series, named for its ability to work on jam nuts, features an open-gate head design, giving it the ability to work on nuts with an obstruction running through the middle.

Torq/Lite HU Series

The safer, more efficient way to tighten or loosen Hammer Union connections.

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Nothing will stop a job dead in tracks faster than a seized or galled nut! Old-fashioned methods are time consuming and dangerous. There is a better, faster, and safer way. FASTORQ’s line of ultra-tough nut splitters takes on the most difficult nuts fast!

AutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench

There’s only one, fully portable hydraulic chain pipe wrench to call on when the going gets tough: AutoTORQ from FASTORQ. The AutoTORQ Hydraulic Chain Pipe Wrench can helps eliminate more than half of the injuries on a drilling deck, in shops and yards by providing a safer and faster alternative to tongs and come-a-longs.

SpinTORQ 360-degree Continuously Rotating Torque Wrench

When it comes to torque, only one wrench blows all others away: SpinTORQ from FASTORQ! It provides maximum torque in BOTH directions! With it’s specially designed, double-enveloping worm gear, SpinTORQ has the power to get the job done fast.

ThinLINE – The Toughest Torque Wrench Available

ThinLINE from FASTORQ represents the ultimate in toughness and versatility. It’s simple yet strong construction and in-line precision means a tool with ultimate durability. ThinLINE’s unique low-profile design provides safe, accurate applied torque in the tightest places with a range of sizes to fit almost any application.

AutoSPREADER Flange Spreaders

When you’ve got flanges to separate, isn’t better to work smarter and faster instead of harder? AutoSPREADER flange spreaders are one of the toughest, most versatile tools you’ll ever own! Whether the task at hand involves gasket maintenance, opening manways, turning blinds, bearing and impeller removal, or lifting, leveling and lowering, AutoSPREADER can do it all and more!

ZipNut Technology

A technology first used by NASA in 1989 and used on the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and to repair the Hubble Telescope is now available for innovative applications right here on earth. FASTORQ, the exclusive manufacturer of ZipNuts for the energy industry, has state-of-the-art tool applications and designs to make demanding and hazardous work faster and safer!

ZipTENSIONER Stud Tensioners

Uniform bolt load is critical to achieving leak-free bolted joints. In many applications, hydraulic torque wrenches may be the most economical method but not the most accurate. Direct loading of bolts with stud tensioners ensures leak-free bolted joints in much less time than it takes to torque bolts.

Direct Tension Indicators

Torque does not equal bolt load. You can apply a tremendous amount of torque and have no idea what the resulting bolt load actually is. There is an easier, faster, smarter and less expensive way to measure your bolt load… on every single bolt you install…. Every single time… Direct Tension Indicators.

FASTORQ Power Units

What puts the fast in FASTORQ?
The 600 Series Power Units increase productivity by running 4 to10 times faster than competitors. Competing power units use 2-stage pumps and start off with high flow rate, but when they exceed 1,000 psi their second stage takes over and the flow rate and power reduces to one-tenth of the initial volume. FASTORQ offers a full line of high-performance, work-horse power units to meet the demanding needs of today’s job sites.

The Driving Forces Behind FASTORQ 

Get ready to join the revolution with Bill Washington, Director of Business Development, as he introduces you to the innovative, tough and reliable tools at the heart of FASTORQ.  If you have demanding bolt make-up and break-out needs and are tired of constantly having to send out tools for repair, maybe it’s time to join the revolution!

Meet FASTORQ – The Speed of Innovation 

Bill Washington, Director of Business Development, talks about The Speed of Innovation and what that means for FASTORQ customers. Not only does FASTORQ design, manufacturer and sell the fastest industrial tools for make-up and break-out needs, we offer the best in service, warranties and custom solutions.

Meet FASTORQ – Fast, Reliable and Tough Bolting Tools

Bill Washington, Director of Business Development, talks about the innovative, tough and reliable tools at the heart of FASTORQ.  If you have demanding bolt make-up and break-out needs and are tired of constantly having to send out tools for repair, maybe it’s time to join the revolution!

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