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ZipNut Technology

Originally developed for NASA’s space shuttle missions, ZipNut technology is now applied on terra firma in a wide variety of industries and in applications where speed, accuracy, and reliability are not only vital, but often life-saving.

Threads have their benefits: they are stronger, more reliable, and allow for minute measurement changes.


  • The fast and easy way to pull, align or mate flanges on land or underwater at any depth.
  • LARGEST load capacity pulling system in the industry.
  • ZipNut® holds the load as the cylinder retracts.
  • Quick release levers open and close puller bars for fast installation and removal.
  • Hydraulic powered, 10,000 psi working pressure.
  • Versatile: ROV’s, Hard Suits or Divers can operate the system at any depth.
  • Easy to use: assembly pushes on and pulls off standard threaded rods.
  • Available in 30-Ton 6? and 60-Ton 5? stroke models.
  • Designed to use in multiple units with a single pump to provide uniform flange makeup.

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  • Simultaneously tensions multiple threaded fasteners in half the time required by conventional stud tensioners (eliminates manual rotation).
  • Design allows for 100% stud coverage from one side of any ANSI or API flange.
  • One piece installation: compact and light weight.
  • Low-friction seals are self-lubricating and provide unlimited shelf life.
  • Especially suited for wind turbine, subsea and nuclear applications.

Download info (PDF)

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